Centro de Recepción e Interpretación del Prerrománico Asturiano
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General Terms and Conditions

  • To purchase tickets for a group of 20 people or more please call the information and booking number +34 902 306 600 / +34 985 185 860 or email us at reservas@turismoycultura.asturias.es.
  • Tickets for participating in one of the organised activities may be acquired via telephone by calling +34 985 122 553 everyday from 17:00 to 19:00 h.
  • No refunds or ticket exchanges will be granted in the event of the client cancelling or not arriving with sufficient time to visit the museum. Changes of date and alterations to the ticket type will likewise not be accepted.
  • Check our prices and opening hours before purchasing your ticket. It is the visitors´ responsibility to arrive with sufficient time to visit the museum properly.
  • Tickets will only be valid on the indicated date. 
  • Visitors must keep their ticket throughout the entire visit.
  • For discount or special-rate tickets, visitors must show a certifying document at the entrance. If a certifying document is not presented, the ticket will not be valid.
  • Tickets will not be reissued in case of loss, damage, theft or destruction.
  • The Organization cannot ensure the authenticity of tickets that are not purchased at official sales points.
  • To enter the facility and according to the law, visitors may be searched. Visitors are not allowed to enter with objects that the Organization might consider dangerous. This also applies to suitcases and other large objects. The Organization reserves the right of admission.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an appropriate adult (except during children´s activities).
  • The Organization reserves the right to change or modify the scheduling of events taking place in the different facilities. In the event of cancellation, the Organization is committed to refund the price of the ticket.


Important information for your trip to the Pre-Romanesque Interpretation and Reception Center:

  • Entry to the Pre-Romanesque Interpretation and Reception Center is free.
  • In addition to the two monuments, we recommend you visit the center to learn more about pre-Romanesque architecture in Asturias.
  • You can visit the center on your own or you can join a 40-minute guided tour (reservation needed).
  • Tickets to visit both Naranco monuments can be purchased at the Santa María de Naranco entrance (the door under the balcony of the western facade).
  • The interpretation center and monuments can be accessed on foot. Reduced mobility visitors can be dropped off at the sites.
  • No parking is available at the base of the monuments. There are 3-4 parking spots at the interpretation center.
  • There are two ways to access interpretation center: 1) Take the walking path from the parking lot. 2) On foot or by car, take the one-way road off the main street (crossing over a pedestrian crossing just a few meters above the parking lot). Please pay attention when crossing the road.
  • Use appropriate footwear as the paths are uneven and sometimes wet. On rainy days, the paths tend to be muddy and slippery.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the monuments. In the outdoor areas around the monuments, pets must be on a leash.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking inside the monuments.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to workshops.
  • Outdoor workshops are subject to weather conditions.
  • Visiting the monuments and center takes around 2 hours.


Important information about visiting Naranco monuments:

  • Tickets are sold only at Santa María de Naranco.
  • Filming and photography are not allowed inside San Miguel de Lillo.
  • Access to the monuments by guided tour only. All tours are in Spanish.
  • Cash payment only.
  • The guide sells tickets and gives the tour. When the guide departs to give a tour, they will leave a sign on the ticket office door indicating the start time of the next tour.
  • There is no set tour schedule and tour operation depends on attendance.
  • Free entry to the monuments is on Monday.


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